Andrew J. Cohen — VP Technology Strategy, Hillel International based in Washington, DC

County Health Rankings & Roadmaps


For over eight years, I have led a 10-person team in the crafting of this award-winning, buzz-building resource – County Health Rankings & Roadmaps. The project is a signature initiative of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and is managed by the and University of Wisconsin Public Health Institute.

Each year, the report’s release inspires hundreds of online and broadcast news stories – over 600 in 2015 reaching an audience of over 13 million. The most fulfilling part of this project is the weekly news stories about yet another community that was inspired by the Rankings to take action to improve their citizens’ health.

The client has joyfully re-hired us annually to enhance the application upon each subsequent release. It is one of the longest-running non-competed accounts at Forum One.

RoleStrategic Lead ForRobert Wood Johnson Foundation

The Rankings has come so far and reached so many people since we first started working with you. Forum One has been our trusted advisor throughout this journey.” –Bridget Catlin, Co-Director, County Health Rankings & Roadmaps

Thanks to Andrew, who has been there from the birth of CHR more than seven years ago! The new functionality is indeed a big hit already with reporters, Foundation partners and with staff and members of Congress. So thank you and the Forum One team for all you’ve done as part of the extensive, enthusiastic and creative County Health Rankings village that is changing the way America thinks about and acts to improve health for all.” –Joe Marx, Senior Communications Officer, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation