Andrew J. Cohen — VP Technology Strategy, Hillel International based in Washington, DC

Brand Strategy and Implementation

I led Forum One’s re-branding project which include a complete realignment of our positioning, messaging, and visual identity. The outputs included new business cards, signage, trade booth, website, and other materials. In support of our efforts, I retained a brand agency who executed the strategy and design implementation under my direction. Upon completion, the new brand injected personality and enthusiasm into the company which energized staff to do amazing work.

RoleBrand Strategist, Creative Director, Copywriter ForForum One

The rebranding included an entire re-conception of our firm’s visual identity system including our logo.

The redesign included a full redesign of the agency website and social properties.

As part of the rebranding, I developed an online “Playbook” for employees. This guide provided brand messaging, visual assets, templates, and inspiration for staff members’ future projects.

The Playbook included a Style Guide and Voice and Tone section. I directed the design of this internal resource, and wrote the content.

To make a splash at our trade shows, we conceived a fun new exhibit booth, which included games to attract traffic, and a mounted monitor for in-booth video presentations.

The brand was rolled out to wide acclaim with a simultaneous celebration at offices on both coasts. Goodie bags containing new business cards and tchotchkes were given to all staff members.