Andrew J. Cohen — VP Technology Strategy, Hillel International based in Washington, DC

Drupal 8 Website

Website Redesign

The Citizens Budget Initiative is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization pursuing constructive change in the finances and services of New York City and New York State.

I led a 12-person team of creative designers, user experience designers, project managers, and software engineers. The entire site experience — from the logo to the long-form reports — was conceived by my team. The result was an elegant, minimalist, stunning and highly-usable site deployed on Drupal 8.

ForCitizens Budget Commission of New York RoleStrategic Lead, Project Lead
DateJanuary 2017

The new design features elegant use of white space, simple yet sophisticated design elements, and intentional use of color to signal content organization and priorities. We also created reusable design elements like feature cards, pull quotes, and topic carousels that make it easy for CBC to keep site content fresh. Topping off the new identity is a versatile logo our team designed that conveys the organization’s focus on New York and data.

We began with strategic activities discover audience needs, set overall redesign themes, and anticipate an improved user experience. Applying the insights we gained, we created a new visual identity for CBC that reinforces the organization’s 80-year history as a trusted and respected watchdog of state and city finances, while modernizing and enlivening the context and tone of their deep policy content.

“We are so pleased with the site, and it’s been great working with Andrew and the whole F1 crew.” –Maria Doulis, Vice President, Citizens Budget Commission

The content management solution enables the report authors to mix and match report elements – table of contents, pull quotes, footnotes etc. – to suit the unique requirements of each publication.

The site looks great! You and your Forum One colleagues have been fun to work with.”
–Carol Kellermann, President, Citizens Budget Commission